I didn't realise trying for a baby was like asking for the moon on a stick. Infertility and all that jazz.

Thursday, 29 November 2012

Well, hello there.

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How very nice to meet you. I am over the moon that you have dropped by.

Well, one has to start somewhere, so this is it.

Welcome to my humble corner of the blogesphere. Pull up a chair, get cosy, and tell me all about it, as Frasier would say, 'I'm listening'. I want to make some new friends, have some laughs, swap some stories and generally share the love.

This rollercoaster ride we call infertility is a big old grotbag of horrid. Help me laugh through the stupid days, enjoy the good days, winge and moan about the bad days and scrape me up off the floor and put me back together after the worst of the worst days. I promise I will do the same for you! Pinky swear promise with a cherry on the top.

I am living in limbo land currently, awaiting the go ahead for our first IUI. I am Mrs inpatient pants and so all of this waiting is driving me up the wall and down again. Limbo land is boring boring boring.

So, tips from those who have been through the wait please... What can I do to stay sane while I wait it out?

And welcome, do come back and visit again.